Street Opening Permit

A Street Opening Permit is required for any person to make any tunnel, opening or excavation of any kind in or under the surface of any street in the Township. Applicant will make a deposit of $2000 at time of application.  Once the project is completed and the street has been satisfactorily inspected by Shaler Township personnel, applicant will receive a refund of $1800. 

An Insurance Certificate is also needed - A certificate or other document, issued by an insurance company properly authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, evidencing the issuance to the applicant of a policy of public liability and property damage insurance in an amount sufficient to indemnify and save harmless the Township and any adjacent property owner from damage which may be occasioned by the proposed street excavation or right-of-way opening. The said policy shall be in an amount not less than $1,000,000 for injury to persons and $500,000 for injury to property arising out of a single occurrence. The certificate shall name the Township as an additional insured party as to work performed upon, under or in the streets or rights-of-way of the Township, and a copy of such policy naming the Township as an additional insured shall be provided as a part of the application

Please call the office for more information. 

Chapter 192