Trash & Recycling Service

County Hauling 

COVID-19 Contingency Plan

The link attached to the "Contingency Plan" above, is where you can find County Hauling's current plan during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have temporarily removed all other information on this page in regards to County Hauling due to all of the changes.

Please see below a clarifying point related to recycling from Richard Walton, President of Noble Environment, Inc.:

County Hauling wants to ensure that all recycling is being kept up as much as practical given the COVID-19 outbreak and we have had questions regarding the our messaging regarding cardboard.  To clarify, we do NOT want to suggest that all cardboard should be thrown in with the trash.  We are asking that all cardboard be placed in plastic recycling containers.  If there is excess cardboard, if a resident has a an additional recycling container please place it in that.  Also, it can be stored and placed in the following weeks recycling.  Our goal, is to ensure we have all recycling in plastic containers for our drivers to collect safely.  Thank you for your understanding and if you have any additional questions on this matter please feel free to email me back to discuss.