Selling Your Home

What You Need to Know

Selling your home can be a stressful experience.  All documents listed below are required for closing and must be addressed to have a successful and timely closing. 
Selling Your Home Form

The SELLER should take the following steps:

  1. Dye Test – Prior to the sale, your home must be dye tested to verify the downspouts and rain leaders are not connected to the sanitary sewer system.  For your convenience, Shaler Township has contracted with two Registered Plumbers to perform this service.  However, you are free to contract with your own Registered Plumber provided the dye test form and waiver are completed and returned to the Township office.  We appreciate your cooperation by planning in advance and requesting dye tests at least 14 days before the scheduled closing on your home. DYE TEST FORM
  2. The following Registered Plumbers are under contract with Shaler Township.  They have the appropriate dye test form on file and will forward the documentation to the Shaler Township office once the property passes inspection and they have been paid.   Please contact the plumbing service directly to set up an appointment.

                        DiNucci Plumbing ($30.00 per test)  412-487-7328

                        Terry’s Plumbing ($25.00 per test)  412-364-9114
                        Alpine Allegheny ($30.00 per test)  412-491-7770

Dye Test results are valid for THREE (3) YEARS after the date of testing and will be kept on file at the Township office.

Dye Test Failure – If the property should fail inspection, the plumber will notify Shaler Township and the owner of the property.  The owner can make arrangements with whomever they wish to make the necessary repairs.  However, they must notify the Township Building Inspector, Bob Vita @ 412-486-9700 x222, at least 24 hours prior to repairs being initiated so that an inspection can be performed while the work is being completed.  The Township urges all homeowners to get bids before authorizing any repair work.
3.  Residential Backflow Preventer Certification – At least two weeks prior to closing, the seller shall contact Hampton Shaler Water Authority (412-486-4867) to schedule one of their servicemen to visit the premises and verify if the premises has an approved backflow preventer (dual check valve and thermal expansion tank).  If the premise does not have one, you will be immediately notified and informed to contact a registered master plumber for installation.  The Allegheny County Plumbing Department requires an expansion tank be installed with the backflow preventer as well.

4. Final Water Meter Reading – DON’T FORGET TO SCHEDULE YOUR FINAL READING!  Sellers and tenants of rental units must schedule a final reading for your water/sewer bill.  You should forward a copy of that document to your closing company so any funds which may have been placed in escrow for the closing can be refunded to you.  The seller is responsible for any unpaid balance on the water/sewer bill should the amount placed in escrow be insufficient to cover the final bill.  If the property is vacant due to sheriff sale, bankruptcy, or any other reason, please notify the Hampton Shaler Water Authority so the water service can be shut off to prevent damage in case of broken or leaking pipes.  
5. County Hauling - Contact County Hauling @ 724-929-7694 to close your trash account and make any payment due. LEAVE THE RECYCLING BIN FOR THE NEW BUYERS. 

The CLOSING COMPANY should order the following documents:

  1. No Lien Letter – Shaler Township - $25 Fee – This document is needed for the sale or refinance of a property and will be issued from Shaler Township to verify there are no un-filed municipal liens on the property.  The letter will be provided upon request and receipt of a $25 fee.
  2. Zoning Compliance Letter – Shaler Township - $25 Fee – This document is needed for the sale of a property and provides the buyer with the correct zoning designation for the property.  The letter will be provided upon request and receipt of a $25 fee.
  3. Dye Test Certificate – Shaler Township - $25 Fee – This document is needed for the sale of a property and will be issued from Shaler Township once the dye test has passed inspection.  The certificate will be provided upon request and receipt of a $25 fee.  Note:  This document is not part of the actual “dye test inspection” which needs to be paid for by the seller (See #1 under Seller responsibilities).
  4. Property Tax Certification – Erin Bartkins, Tax Collector (412) 486-9700 x224 - $25 Fee – For a sale or refinance of a property, the seller/owner must provide the closing company with three (3) years of Township and School District Real Estate Property Tax receipts.  The closing company has the discretion to use the receipts the property owner provides or request a tax certification letter from the Shaler Township Treasurer’s Office.  The certificate will be provided upon request and receipt of a $25 fee.
  5. No-Lien Letter – Hampton Shaler Water Authority (412) 486-4867 – This document will be issued from the water authority to verify there are no un-filed water liens on the property.  Contact HSWA directly for instructions on obtaining this letter.
  6. Occupancy Permits - NOT required for the sale/refinance of property.

The BUYER should take the following steps:

  1. Earned Income Tax – Keystone Collections Group (724) 978-0300 – -Buyers should register for and pay the 1% Earned Income Tax to the Township of Shaler upon moving into a new property.  Landlords should also contact Keystone to report when a new tenant signs a lease for rental property. 
  2. Water and Sewage Billing – Hampton Shaler Water Authority (412) 486-4867 – Buyers should contact HSWA to sign up for a new account.  Water and sewage are on the same bill.
  3. Garbage and Recycling Service – County Hauling (724) 929-7694 – Trash collection is mandatory and enforced under Township Code Chapter 187, Article VII Section 35.  Please contact County Hauling to set up an account for service. Shaler Township offers residents the opportunity to apply for a trash waiver in the event the property will be vacant for a period longer than 3 weeks.  Owners must complete the waiver and submit to the Township office to become valid.  Waivers are extended for up to a 6-month period, with an option to renew after that time. The seller is required to leave the recycling cart for the new owner.  TRASH WAIVER LINK