Road Paving

Shaler Township has taken road construction to a new level.  With the aid of “Roadbotics” a computerized engineering system designed by Carnegie Mellon University. A comprehensive evaluation of all Shaler Township roads are assessed for consideration for the annual paving program.  Using the information from this program, the road are ranked by priority and inclusion in the paving program.  The Township prepares each road with new drainage including underground piping and catch basins.

The 2020 Road Paving budget is $1,475,000.
  The Township has budgeted these funds from the General Fund as well as the State Liquid Fuels Tax fund.  The Township receives approximately $800,000 from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from shared funding of the gasoline tax. 

The bids for the 2020 road paving contract were opened in March of this year.
  The low bidder is Youngblood Paving for a total of $1,563,848.15.  The Township has awarded the bid to Youngblood Paving and will use fund reserves for the budget shortfall of the contract.  A total of 6.45 miles of roadway will be resurfaced under this contract.  

Residents on the streets included in the 2020 paving program will be notified when paving will begin in their area.

 2020 Road Paving  FROM TO
Balsam Drive E. Elfinwild Rd Ponderosa Drive
Bayhill Drive Limestone Drive Dressel Road
Beyrleye Avenue Grant Avenue Little Pine Creek Rd. 
Chipper Drive McElheney Road Glenhaven Drive
D. Street E Street to both ends
Davis Avenue Seavey Road Hill Street
Forliview Road Park Lane to end
Greenfield Road W. Sutter Road to Shaler Twp. Border
Hazel Street Willow Street Maple Street
Holly Circle Kimble Drive to end
Iola Street Mt. Royal Blvd.  Lucille Street
Kay Street Saxonburg Blvd.  to end
Lederer Avenue Marzolf Road Woodhaven Ct.
Limestone Drive Dressel Road Bayhill Drive
Lucille Street Iola Street Vilsack Road
Oakwood Street Soose Road to end
Redstone Drive Kimble Drive Moonstone Drive
Regina Street Soose Road Parma Drive
Rosewood Drive Middle Road Middle Road
Lincoln Avenue Berner Street Centre Avenue
Shoreham Drive Limestone Drive Eastern culdesac
Spencer Ridge Drive Spencer Lane Ext.  to end
Summit Street Friday Road to end
Venango Avenue Anderson Road Cambria Pt
Virginia Avenue W Shaw Pl Kleber Road
Willett Road Mount Royal Blvd.  Elfinwild Road
Woodhaven Court Lederer Avenue to both ends
Woodland Avenue Glenshaw Avenue to end