The Township Engineer is responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of the Township's infrastructure.  This includes the 105 miles of Township-owned streets (554 individual streets) the 80 miles of sanitary sewer within the Township's service area, the storm sewer network, the building owned by the Township (Municipal Building, Crawford Pool, Public Works building), and the Township Park System.

Five-Year Paving Plan

The Five-Year Paving Plan for the years 2015 to 2019 can be viewed at the Township Municipal Building. The Paving Plan is meant to be a forecasting and budgeting tool. Roads designated as candidates can become selected for the paving plan. Vice versa, the selected roads may be pushed back if the expected degradation does not happen or the paving can be coordinated with a different utility project.

The basic premise of the plan is that each road is evaluated at the beginning of the 5-year cycle. A present-day grade is assigned based on the level of cracking and how the road rides. These grades are from A1 (brand new) down to D3 (complete failure). Each road is then degraded over the five-year period to determine if/when it will be a candidate to be repaved during that 5-year window.

Operations & Maintenance Program

The Township Engineer has also developed an Operations and Maintenance Program for the sanitary sewer system. The Township has been divided into 7 zones on the individual sewer sheds. Each year, a different zone is recorded by a mix of human-operated and fully autonomous robotic cameras. Once the defects are known, root control operations are scheduled, repairs using excavating equipment are completed, and sewer segments are lined with new plastic pipes using trenchless technology.