Important Changes to the Pool Pass Application Process

There are several important changes coming to our 2017 Crawford Pool Pass Program that we would like to make everyone aware of. 

We recognize that there are several major changes to the program, and we want to stress that these changes are intended to improve Crawford Pool, and encourage orderly and safe admission to the pool for all. 

Please take a moment to read through this page before you submit your 2017 Crawford Pool Pass Application.

ALL season passes will now have a photo ID on them. All applicants will be required to provide a 2”x 2” (standard passport size) photo for each individual listed on the application and must be submitted with your pool pass application. If you are mailing your application and photos, please note the applicant's name on the back of each picture to ensure the passes are properly assigned.  
Senior Citizen Passes will also require a 2" x 2" photo that must be submitted with their pool pass application.

Pictures provided do NOT need to be an official passport photo. Any color photograph that clearly shows the applicant's face and is 2" x 2" or smaller is acceptable.

 To receive the resident rate for the season pool pass you will be required to provide proof of residency for all individuals listed on the application. Without proper identification, we will not be able to issue passes.

Acceptable forms include:
  • Driver’s License
  • 1040 tax form listing dependents
  • Report Card listing student name and/or parent or guardian’s name and address
  • Birth Certificate
  • Health Insurance card listing dependents
Due to the changes to the application process, we will not be able to use past information to verify residency. All information must be submitted with your application.

Shaler Township residents only will have the option to purchase a 10-day admission pass, rather than a full season pass, at a discounted rate. This pass will also require proof of residency and a 2”x 2” photo of the pass holder. 

We encourage all residents to purchase either a full season, or 10 day pass as there will no longer be a discounted daily rate for residents at the gate. 
Applications can be mailed to our offices beginning April 1, 2017. Applications that are received prior to April 25, will be available for pickup on May 1, 2017. 

There will also be minimal increases in the season pass fees, as well as the daily admission rate.
  • The Resident Family Pass rate for 2017 is $190
  • All children under the age of 2 will be granted free admission
  • For residents who do not wish to purchase a season pass, there are also changes to the daily admission fee – there will be one rate for week days, and another for weekends/holidays regardless of residency. 

Please contact our offices with any additional questions you may have regarding these changes.