Raccoons and Rabies

Allegheny County will be performing an on-land baiting program to vaccinate raccoons for rabies during the month of August. The baits are dropped by low-flying airplanes, helicopters or by local teams on foot or in vehicles in Allegheny County.  

Two types of bait will be used this year; one in which vaccine contained in a plastic sachet is enclosed in fish meal block and a second in which the plastic sachet is coated with a fish meal.  The vaccine, when consumed by raccoons, results in their developing antibodies to the rabies virus.  Please note that the baits pose no appreciable risk to humans or pets.

Raccoons and Rabies Questions and Answers Brochure

For emergency care in case of contact with the pink liquid vaccine:
Call your physician immediately.
PA Department of Health  1-877-PA HEALTH
Allegheny County Health Department 1-412-687-2243

Allegheny County Health Department Raccoons Vaccine website page