Road Paving

Shaler Township conducts a comprehensive study of all roads to determine priority for paving.  This information is taken into account as the Township prepares the listing of roads for the program.  Prior to any road paving, the public works department prepares each road with new drainage including underground piping and new catch basins.

2019 Road Paving is budgeted at $850,000.  The Township receives an annual payment of over $800,000 from the State Liquid Fuels Tax (also known as the gas tax).   The Township is required to utilize this money for public works equipment purchase, salt purchase, street lighting and road paving.

The Township spend an all time high of $2,105,300 in 2015 on road paving and a low of $896,978 in 2018.  These numbers have been decreasing each year as the discretionary funds have not been available to pledge to road paving.