Road Paving

Shaler Township is on a five-year paving plan program.  The following information is on the 2017 Road Paving Project.

2017 Road Paving 
Road paving is scheduled to run from early June to late August. The tentative list of roads to be paved this year are as follows:
 Road Name  From/To
 Stoneridge Drive Dressel to Moonstone
 Spencer Grove Ct. Spencer Grove Ln to cul-de-sac
 Spencer Grove Ln. Spencer Woods Dr to cul-de-sac
 Spencer Woods Dr.  Spencer Lane Ext. to cul-de-sac
 Countryside Dr. Balsam Dr. to cul-de-sac
 Ivywood Dr. Countryside Dr. to cul-de-sac
 Orchard Ave. 15116 Mt. Royal Blvd. to Bleil Dr.
 Sundale Dr. Albine Dr. to Laurel Dr.
 Laurel Dr. Albine Dr. to end
 W. Sutter Rd. Mt. Royal Blvd. to Clare St
 Hodil Road/Clare St. Scott Ave. to township line
 Crestline Dr. Hilltop Circle to township line
 Park Lane, 15116 Vilsack Rd. to Forliview Rd.
 Wood Park Ln. Anderson Rd. to end
 McElheny Rd. Mt. Royal Blvd. to Wible Run Rd.
 McElehny Rd. Ext. Anderson Rd. to Damube Dr.
 South Rd. Anderson Rd. to end
 St. Luke St. Babcock Blvd. to Evergreen Rd.
 Marvin Ave. Evergreen Rd. to Walters Ave.
 Grossman Ln. Township line to Marie Ave.
 Marie Ave., 15209 Grossman Ln. to Mansion Ave.
 Clare Ave., 15209 Grossman Ln. to end
 Maplewood Rd. Convent Ave. to Hawthorne Rd.
 Mildred St. James St. to end
 Centre Ave., 15215 Foundry St. to Commerce St.
 Irene St. Mt. Royal Blvd. to end
 Prospect St., 15223 W. Pennview St. to end
 W. Pennview St. Mt. Royal Blvd. to L. Pine Creek Rd
 Clinton Rd. Glenshaw Ave. to end


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